Millerton Lake’s Spectacular Waterfall Spectacle: A Result of Third Wettest Year on Record

For more than a week there’s been a beautiful waterfall spilling over Friant Dam.

That’s because Millerton Lake is full to the brim. A water volume of 1,650 cubic feet per second (CFS) is creating the water blanket.

Sierra Snow Melt Set Millerton and Pine Flat Lakes at Near Capacity

It won’t be long before snow melt from the Sierra fills our two local lakes, Pine Flat and Millerton. It’s a sight to behold. Two lakes in central California with water almost to the top. Millerton Lake at 84% capacity of 500,000 acre-feet.

How Does More Rain in Northern California Equal Less Flows in the San Joaquin River?

Water has been flowing down the San Joaquin River since the beginning of April. But, ironically, late spring rains could halt the flow.

The water coming out of Millerton Lake just above Fresno is flowing because of a contract within California’s complicated water rights system.

Temperance Flat Dam Returns $171 Million to State. Still, Backers Swear It’s ‘Not Dead’

Backers of a $3 billion project to construct the tallest dam in California swear the project isn’t dead, despite the Temperance Flat Reservoir Authority returning money and canceling applications. After it became clear that the reservoir project on the San Joaquin River west of Auberry would not reach upcoming deadlines for studies and funding, Temperance Flat Reservoir Authority declined $171 million designated by the California Water Commission and withdrew its application for additional funding, according to a resolution signed by the Authority on Oct. 30.