Marin Water Agency Objects to State’s Proposed Conservation Rules

The North Marin Water District is pushing back on the state’s proposal for permanent water conservation measures regardless of drought conditions.

The proposal, known as “Making Conservation a California Way of Life,” would require hundreds of large urban water suppliers to set and meet new conservation targets beginning in 2025. Agencies also would be required to submit more detailed information to the state on how their water is being used.

The Marin Water District has a New Drought Plan

The Marin Water District has a new plan to deal with California’s worsening drought.

As of Oct. 24, Marin reservoirs have more water than normal, but the county said they’re not waiting for things to get worse.

Marin’s seven reservoirs hold 80,000 acre feet of water, the new plan would kick in when levels fall below 70,000 acre feet. The prior conservation plan didn’t go into effect until levels fell to 50,000.

Marin Water District OKs $2.2 Million For Pipeline Design: Report

The Marin Municipal Water District approved $2.2 million Monday for designs and analysis of a proposed emergency pipeline to carry water into Marin County, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

The proposed pipeline would carry water from Central Valley to Marin County over the Richmond-San Rafael bridge.

Marin Water District Restricts New Landscaping for Development

New development projects in most of Marin won’t have new landscaping irrigated with drinking water under drought restrictions imposed by Marin Municipal Water District this week.

The Board of Directors voted Tuesday to approve the ban aimed at preserving the district’s dwindling reservoir supplies in the Mount Tamalpais watershed amid severe drought conditions. The district estimates it could run out of reservoir supplies by next summer if the region experiences a similarly historic dry winter as last year and conservation efforts do not improve.

California Drought: Recycled Water Investment Paying Off For North Marin Water District

This is shaping up to be a long, dry summer and water managers across the state are looking for new sources to meet their demand.  But one small district in Marin County placed a bet on a drought-proof supply of water that may pay off big this year.

The town of Novato relies on Lake Stafford for its summer water supply and like most reservoirs this year, it is dangerously low. However, the local water district actually has more water than it can even use – but there’s a catch: most of it is recycled.