Marin Municipal Water District to Preview New Supply Options

As part of its study of new water supplies, the Marin Municipal Water District is planning a public workshop later this month to review how it will rate and compare the various options it is considering.

The online meeting at 5 p.m. Oct. 25 will provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions of district staff and its consultants who are drafting the water supply report.

Marin Water Managers Near Deal for Yuba County Supply

The Yuba County Water Agency might sell billions of gallons of water to Marin County through a proposed pipeline across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Under the proposed agreement, the agency would be able to sell Marin and the East Bay Municipal Utility District at least 10,000 acre-feet of water from its New Bullards Bar Reservoir at an estimated cost of more than $10 million.

Marin Water Officials Heartened By Regional Supply Deal

Marin County water district officials expressed encouragement after an early agreement was reached that seeks to end longstanding conflicts of a major regional water supply 100 miles to the north. The agreement centers around the relicensing of the Potter Valley Project hydropower plant in Mendocino County, which holds a supply of water that affects fish, farmers and communities stretching from Marin to Humboldt counties. Sonoma Water, one of the main suppliers to Marin’s two water districts, draws water supplied by the power plant’s reservoirs.