Los Angeles Will Get $139 Million For Groundwater Replenishment Over 25 Years

As part of a $250 million commitment to support four water supply projects in Southern California, Los Angeles will receive $139 million over 25 years for its Groundwater Replenishment Project in the San Fernando Valley, officials announced on Monday, April 15.

Los Angeles, State Officials Discuss Increasing Local Water Supplies

Los Angeles city and county representatives hosted a discussion with state officials to address ways to increase local water supplies and to support a proposed statewide water system. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was joined Friday by the California Secretary of Natural Resources, Wade Crowfoot, and Secretary of Environmental Protection, Jared Blumenfeld, to discuss the city’s maintenance of its water sources. “We are proud to work hand-in-hand with our state leaders to advance an agenda that protects ratepayers, preserves our environment, diversifies our water portfolio and protects our natural resources in the face of intense droughts and the rising tide of climate change,” Garcetti said.