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Report Says Pasadena’s Groundwater Water Needs to be “Stabilized”; City Seeks Assurance of Continued MWD Supply

Pasadena Water and Power will be reporting about the City’s Water Supply and Projected Water Use for the years 2025 through 2040 when they appear Tuesday at a meeting of the City Council’s Municipal Services Committee.

A preliminary PWP report showed the presentation on Tuesday will focus on residential demand and regulatory drivers for water efficiency in new and existing residential projects.

The report, from PWP Interim General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger, said the City continues to draw 30 to 40 percent of its water supply out of local groundwater from the Raymond Basin. The remainder of the water requirement is imported from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).

Glenn County Residents Continue to Feel the Impacts of the Drought

The recent rains were much needed, but they were not enough to get the state out of the drought.

One of the first counties in the Northstate to declare a local drought emergency, Glenn County, is still experiencing water supply issues.

“The rain is always good and the snow is even better because snow will last for a while and melt and come down and refill what has been depleted when people are using. It had a positive impact. Dramatic? I wouldn’t say so,” said the director of Glenn County Planning & Community Development Services, Don Rust.