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California Childcare Centers Get $6,137,000 to Test for Lead in Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued $6,137,000 in grants to assist the California Department of Social Services with identifying sources of lead in drinking water in childcare centers.

“Testing for lead in drinking water is critical for the protection of our children,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator John Busterud. “EPA is pleased to support California in its efforts to detect and reduce lead in drinking water, thereby protecting children’s health at childcare centers and elsewhere.”

EPA’s Independent Science Board, Critics Push for Stronger Lead Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to address lead in water isn’t as aggressive as it could be, the agency’s independent science advisers, as well as outside groups, said Monday.

California Allocates $5 Million for Lead Testing in California Child Care Centers

The State Water Resources Control Board has executed an agreement to provide approximately $5 million in grant funds for testing and remediation of lead in drinking water at licensed Child Care Centers in California.

EPA Lead Proposal, Derided as Weak, May Be Sneakily Strong

A provision tucked within the EPA’s proposal to overhaul the way it regulates lead in drinking water—initially derided as toothless—could have far-reaching consequences for public health, municipal policies, and even real estate transactions, water industry insiders now say.

Local Elementary School Finds Increased Lead In Drinking Water

Water from drinking fountains at a local elementary school tested for lead levels higher than district-mandated limits, officials announced. Parents at Juarez Elementary School in the Serra Mesa area were notified of the test results in a letter this week. District officials noted that the lead levels discovered actually fell below state and national legal requirements, but failed to meet the more stringent standard enforced by San Diego Unified School District. Federal law requires lead levels under 15 parts per billion, while the district enforces a limit of less than 5 parts per billion. Six different water outlets at Juarez Elementary, including five drinking fountains and one faucet, tested above the 5 ppb requirement.

San Diego Says Number of Lead Service Lines in City Likely Less Than 1%

San Diego’s Public Utilities Department is responding quickly to recent reports on the possibility of the city’s water lines being made out of lead. Last week, as reported by NBC 7, San Diego’s Water Department had informed California’s Water Board that it couldn’t identify the materials used to make two-thirds of its service lines. The city’s disclosure differed from statements it had made to NBC 7 and media partner Voice of San Diego last year. At that time, a senior water department chemist said there were no lead pipes in the city’s distribution system.

Local Elementary School Finds Lead in Water

A San Diego elementary school is shutting off part of their drinking water supply due to unsafe lead levels, district officials announced Friday. Six water fixtures at Fletcher Elementary School, a K-5 school on Bobolink Way in the Linda Vista area, displayed higher lead levels than the district’s 5ppb safety limit during testing at the school. Most of the fixtures had lead levels under 10 parts per billion, but one — a cafeteria kitchen faucet — showed levels of about 45 parts per billion, nine times higher than the district’s limit and three times higher than the federal limit of 15 parts per billion.