Storms End Southern California Water Restrictions for 7M

California’s 11th atmospheric river left the storm-soaked state with a bang Wednesday, bringing flooded roadways, landslides and toppled trees to the southern part of the state as well as drought-busting rainfall that meant the end of water restrictions for nearly 7 million people.

Notoriously Strict Agoura Hills Water District Scales Back Response

Known for its strict drought restrictions, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District walked back regulations after recent storms provided much needed water to California reserves.

The State Water Project announced additional water allocations to a number of Southern California water districts, including Las Virgenes, delivering 30 percent of requested water supplies. Las Virgenes was previously expecting only 5 percent of its requested water.

Pure Water Project Turns Wastewater Into Drinking Water

It may not be the most pleasant thought, but the wastewater that flows through the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility in Agoura Hills could one day come out of your faucet.

“We’re taking the water that we would normally discharge into Malibu Creek and we’re going to create a local drinking supply out of this,” said Michael McNutt with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.

Local Water Agencies Allocated More Water

The latest rain storms have made a dent in filling reservoirs prompting the State Water Project to allocate more water to local agencies. Deliveries from northern California could increase to 30-percent, up from just 5-percent in recent months when reservoirs were near deadpool conditions. Officials emphasize the drought though is not over.

The Fight Against Drought in California Has a New Tool: The Restrictor

The pretty, cloudless blue skies over perfectly manicured lawns represent an ugly reality for California’s Las Virgenes Municipal Water District as it grapples with the historic megadrought ravaging the American West.

Despite a lack of any measurable rain in months, the carpet of lush, green grass likely means homeowners are either not getting the message about the dire need for water conservation, or they are ignoring the warnings.

Hollywood Celebrities Among Those Warned of Water Waste During Drought

Rules for thee but not for me?

Residents across the state including those in San Diego County are being urged to reduce their water use in response to a protracted drought, but some big celebrity names are being called out for allegedly not doing their share.

Request for Additional Water Denied to Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

As we enter some of the hottest and driest months in a historic drought, local water officials have asked the state to allocate more water to the area surrounding Malibu to help mitigate wildfire risk. Unfortunately, that request has been denied.

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District that services the Santa Monica Mountains unincorporated Malibu area, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Hidden Hills, in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District, made the request to the State Water Project citing the area designated as “very high fire hazard severity zones.”

Turning Waterwater to Drinking Water: Conejo Valley Water Agencies Holding Event to Showcase Effort

It’s easy to take for granted. You turn a knob, and there’s water. But, the drought has shown we need to think more about our water supply.

Some agencies which serve part of the Conejo Valley are on the cutting edge of water recycling. The idea is simple: turn wastewater into drinking water.

They have a demonstration facility on Las Virgenes Road where you can actually see the recycling in action.

California District Curbs Water Supply to Over-Users in Drought

As a historic drought grips southern California, one district is getting tough on water usage violators by reducing their supply directly from the source so that sprinklers and outdoor hoses no longer work.

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in Calabasas, north of Los Angeles, places metal disks with a small hole into the main water supply lines to offending homes. Flow per minute drops from around 30 gallons to just one gallon – enough for cooking, washing dishes and showers, but not gardening.

Think You Can Cheat Water Restrictions? This Tiny Disk Will Tame the Thirstiest Water Hogs

It’s only the size of a silver dollar, but this tiny metal disk can tame even the biggest of Southern California water hogs.

In an indication of just how dire drought conditions have become, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has unveiled a custom-built device that will drastically reduce water flow to customers who refuse to abide by newly enacted water restrictions.