What Israel, Las Vegas and Other Places Can Teach SoCal About Using a Lot Less Water

Millions of Southern Californians will wake up to the region’s most severe water restrictions ever on June 1, with local water agencies under orders to slash the use of supplies from the State Water Project by 35%.

Many water experts say that the cuts are achievable and that reducing outdoor watering to one day a week can help yield immediate savings. At the same time, researchers and water policy experts say, the region needs to adapt to the severe drought because climate change, extreme heat and dwindling snowpack will only serve to exacerbate the issues in years to come

$21.4 Million US-Israel Center to Develop Water-Energy Technologies

A U.S.-Israel team that includes researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory has received $21.4 million over five years from DOE’s Office of International Affairs and Israel’s Ministry of Energy to develop new technologies to help solve global water challenges.