Planned Calif. Desalination Plant Faces Final Permit

Poseidon Water has announced its application for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for the construction of the proposed Huntington Beach Desalination Facility will soon be considered.

The facility is in the final phase of its permitting process and the CDP is the last major discretionary permit needed to build the long-awaited seawater desalination plant. The permit will be considered by California Coastal Commission staff during its upcoming March hearing.

“Poseidon Water appreciates the thoughtful considering of our Coastal Development Permit application by Commission staff,” said Jessica Jones, Poseidon’s director of communications. “We have a lengthy 15-year history of working cooperatively with the Coastal Commission on the permitting of the proposed Facility. As California continues to grapple with climate change-induced drought we remain committed to building on the success of our Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination facility.”