The Innovative Ways California Is Improving Its Underground Water Storage

As of mid-February, the Sacramento area has now received more than a foot of rain in the current water season. The rain and snowfall from this winter’s storms have been swelling rivers, adding to the Sierra Nevada snowpack and hopefully replenishing reservoirs.

Opinion: Your Water Bill is Going to Go Up. Arizona Can’t Keep Ignoring This Fact

Water is going to get more expensive.

It’s a matter of supply and demand:

Clean, easily accessible water is dwindling across Arizona, while those who rely on it aren’t going anywhere. That means we’ll all pay more for the thing that no desert dweller can live without.

Coachella Valley Water District OKs Drought Penalties on Water Bills Starting in August

Starting next month, residents served by Coachella Valley Water District will see higher water bills if they fail to reduce their monthly outdoor water use. It is the latest action by local water districts aimed at reducing water use during the state’s historic drought.

The Coachella Valley Water District Board of Directors voted Tuesday to adopt financial penalties for residents who don’t reduce their monthly outdoor water use to 10% below their Tier 2 outdoor water budget.