Largest US Battery Resource Connects to CAISO Grid, Signaling Next Phase In California’s Storage Growth

Around 170 battery storage systems larger than 1 MW are currently operating in the U.S., but the 62.5 MW first phase of the Gateway project is already the largest in the country, CAISO said in a press release.

Storage resources are becoming more competitive, but installations are really being driven by carbon reduction and clean energy goals, Mohit Chhabra, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council’s climate and clean energy program, told Utility Dive.

Can Mission Valley Handle 50,000 More Residents?

Mission Valley is not a model community — but it could be.

By 2050, the town that is mostly commercial in function and primarily navigated by cars should be practically unrecognizable. It’ll be a walker’s paradise and a safe haven for bicyclists. More importantly, the region will serve as the archetype of a new kind of neighborhood, one where people of varying income levels will want to ditch their cars, take the trolley and live near their jobs.

SANDAG Board OKs Formula For New Homebuilding

Elected officials from across San Diego County on Friday approved a new long-term home building plan that prioritizes areas rich with public transit and jobs.

Board members of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) are responsible for determining where 171,000 new homes should be built in the county over the next decade. The process, known as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, is meant to ensure cities are planning for enough new homes in places where they are needed the most.

OPINION: Will Continued Sprawl or High-Density Infill Define San Diego’s Future?

There are two critical urban land use debates raging across the San Diego region today. How they play out will determine whether our region’s ecosystem becomes more resilient over the next several decades.

The disputes involve first, the future of urban sprawl in the far-flung rural suburbs of San Diego County, and, second, infill policy and increasing densities in San Diego’s urban core.