Agencies Looking to “Plan B” as More Valley Towns on Brink of Going Dry and Emergency Water Suppliers are Tapped Out

Groundwater levels are dropping and domestic wells throughout the San Joaquin Valley are going dry as California’s third year of drought grinds on.

That includes entire towns, such as East Orosi and Tooleville in Tulare County, which both went dry last week.

It’s bad. But it may get worse.

It’s One of Arizona’s Most Precious Rivers. Hundreds of New Wells May Leave it Running Dry

A flash of red streaked through the trees: a vermilion flycatcher. The brightly colored bird chirped and trilled, adding to a chorus that rang from the towering trees.

Beneath the shady canopy of cottonwoods and willows, the San Pedro River flowed shin-deep, gurgling through smooth rocks.