San Diego Family Using Tech to Save Water

A machine called a Hydraloop can save you a ton of money by cutting your water use by almost half. It could play a big role in making our homes more environmentally friendly.

Carlsbad resident Justin Fox bought a Hydraloop this year after using extra water for his two-year-old.

Gray Water’s Untapped Potential is Clouded by Complexity

The past three decades have brought mounting evidence of climate change, a tenacious drought in Arizona and appliances offering unheard-of water efficiency.

“The residential water use per capita has been declining for the last 30 years or so. And indoor water use has especially been going down,” said Sarah Porter, director of Arizona State University’s Kyl Center for Water Policy.

This SoCal Business Developed a System to Reuse Water as a Way to Fight the Drought

Recycling has become a big part of saving water amid California’s historic drought, and businesses across the state are implementing it in interesting ways.

Wasting water is something that has bothered Buzz Boettcher for years.

“I’ve done a lot of offshore sailing and racing over the years, and it didn’t make sense that ten people could live on a boat for 15 days out in the ocean and survive on 200 gallons of water, and you come ashore, and you use 20,000 gallons a month,” he said.