Study Suggests Source for Salton Sea’s Rapid Decline

In the past 25 years, California’s Salton Sea has grown more polluted and hazardous as it has lost one-third of its water. Shrinkage of similar lakes elsewhere mainly stems from warming trends and water diversion.

But a new paper in the journal Water Resources Research suggests that might not be the case with California’s most polluted inland lake.

Report: Native Americans Have Most Trouble Accessing Water

The nearest water station for Darlene Yazzie is nine miles away at the Dennehotso Chapter House — or community center — in the Four Corners region of the Navajo Nation. On Tuesday, she counted her dimes and nickels to pay for water. It costs $1.10 plus gas money to fill up two 50-gallon barrels and she’s just been told the price is going up next month.