Hotter Summers, Bigger Fires, Less Water: How Arizona Is Adapting to New Climate Norms

Climate scientists working on the latest international assessment of rising threats to society say it’s imperative that communities adapt now.

Their warning touches on several fields that Arizona and its neighbors in the Southwest are now attempting to tackle, from drought mitigation and wildfire management to the dangers of urban heat.

As Climate Change Costs Mount, Biden Seeks to Price Damages

In the coal fields of eastern Montana, climate change is forcing a stark choice: halt mining that helped build everything from schools to senior centers or risk astronomical future damage as fossil fuel emissions warm the planet and increase disasters, crop losses and premature deaths.

One of the largest mines in this arid region straddling the Wyoming border is Spring Creek — a gaping hole among sagebrush hills where house-sized mechanical shovels dig up millions of tons of coal annually, much of it shipped overseas and burned in Asian power plants.