Study Maps Financial Risks for Calif.’s Water Resilience Planning

A new study warns that the benefits of California’s Water Resilience Portfolio Initiative might not be evenly distributed without proper structure to the agreements.

Partnerships between water utilities, irrigation districts and other stakeholders in California will play a critical role in funding new infrastructure under the Water Resilience Portfolio Initiative announced in 2020 by the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom.

Opinion: Why California Must Fund Water Infrastructure Upgrades

Californians have achieved impressive feats of water conservation over the past few decades. But that won’t be enough. While we’re drinking, washing, flushing, and irrigating less, demand for water still outpaces supply. Aging dams and canals need seismic retrofits, and new systems for harvesting and storing runoff water —and reusing wastewater — need to be built.

What’s the hold-up? With care, environmentalist concerns over new water projects can be balanced with the need to provide Californians with an adequate water supply.