Controversial Lake Elsinore Hydroelectric Project Blocked by Federal Government

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has blocked a controversial $2 billion hydroelectric plant near the Lake Elsinore shoreline after the developer failed to provide requested environmental studies and a construction plan, among other things.

Vista-based Nevada Hydro Co. has proposed building a 200-foot-high dam above the lake and a 500-megawatt, underground power plant with turbines on 845 acres of U.S. Forest Service. Water would be pumped from the lake to a man-made reservoir when demand for electricity is low, with water flowing back to the lake when demand is high. The project has been named the Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage Project, or LEAPS.

Trump-Era Water Opinions in the Air as Biden Considers New Plan

Following nearly two years of litigation regarding Trump-era water policy, the federal government has until Oct. 14 to come up a plan to balance competing needs for the precious resource.

A minute order from District Judge Dale A. Drozd from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California extended by two weeks the due date for the status update that was originally expected to be delivered Sept. 30.

Western Governors Make Bipartisan Plea as States Battle Record Heat and Drought

A pair of governors on Sunday called on the federal government for help and pushed for solutions as their states grapple with recording-breaking temperatures, drought and wildfires that officials have said is being driven by climate change.

Federal Agencies Warn Foreign Hackers Are Targeting Critical Infrastructure

The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Thursday warned that foreign hackers are attempting to target U.S. critical infrastructure.

Proposals to Watch in Democrats’ Infrastructure Behemoth

House Democrats yesterday unveiled the details of a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure package that has several sections focused on energy and environmental priorities. H.R. 2 and its 2,309 pages of provisions may become the most significant action taken by the House to promote a clean energy and climate-focused economic transformation this Congress.

What’s at the Heart of California’s Water Wars? Delta Outflow Explained

The latest dustup In California’s water wars, as noted in Dan Walters’ commentary, revolves principally around the federal government’s efforts to increase the amount of water supplied to farms and cities by the Central Valley Project, and a breakdown in cooperation between the state and federal government.

Opinion: California and Federal Government Need to Resolve Differences on Water Supply Issues

Dan Walters’ column does a good job describing a potential water battle that all Californians should want to avoid. The historic cooperation between the state and federal governments that has managed California’s water supply is threatened by this looming battle. We can’t let that happen.