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Column: DWP’s New Leader Wants to Shake Things Up. It Won’t Be Easy

An honest-to-goodness map of the American West would show L.A.’s tentacles everywhere.

You’d see canals — the Los Angeles Aqueduct, running along the base of the Sierra Nevada, carrying water from the Owens River; the State Water Project, meandering through the San Joaquin Valley, supplying many Southern California cities and farms; and the Colorado River Aqueduct, cutting through the desert on its mission to deliver water from desert to coast.

The U.S. Drought Monitor Is A Critical Tool For The Arid West. Can It Keep Up With Climate Change?

Known for its glowing swaths of yellow, orange and red, the U.S. Drought Monitor has warned farmers, residents and officials throughout the nation of impending water scarcity every week since 1999.

Backed by data on soil moisture, temperature, snow cover, meltwater runoff, reservoir levels and more, the map has become an essential instrument for determining the outlook of water supplies, declaring drought emergencies and deciding where and when government aid should be distributed, among other things.

Extreme Heat Forecast for Western U.S. May Kick Off Sweltering Summer. Here’s the Outlook

A significant early-season heat wave headed for western North America is threatening to deliver stifling temperatures that could break records, prime the landscape for wildfires and kick off a sizzling summer.

A powerful high-pressure ridge, or heat dome, will bring unusually hot temperatures to the Golden State by the middle of this week before spreading into the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada, according to Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA. Temperatures could remain well above normal across much of the region for as long as 10 to 14 days.

Water Recycling Gets a Boost in Southern California With New Federal Funding

The Biden administration has announced that Southern California’s plan to build the largest wastewater recycling plant in the nation will be supported by $99.2 million in federal funds, an investment that officials said represents a down payment toward making the region more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Delta Pumps Likely Killed Over Half a Million Fish in Two Decades. This Year Was Extra Deadly

Just east of the San Francisco Bay, a steel bucket holding 90 gallons of water is strained to rescue precious cargo. The metal roars as it spins, dispelling more and more water, to reveal, finally, a wriggling pair of juvenile Chinook salmon.


How Much Worse Will Extreme Heat Get by 2050? New Report Outlines Worrisome Future

The next quarter of a century will bring considerable climate danger to millions of Americans living in disadvantaged communities, who will not only experience increased exposure to life-threatening extreme heat but also greater hardships from reduced energy reliability, a new nationwide report has found.

California Officials Say Delta Tunnel Project is Worth the Costs and Risks

State water officials say a controversial plan to build a tunnel to take water from the north end of California to its southern regions is worth the costs, risks and protests from environmental organizations.

Like Water Sloshing in a Giant Bathtub, El Niño Begins an Inevitable Retreat

A few weeks ago, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology declared that the Pacific Ocean is no longer in an El Niño state and has returned to “neutral.” American scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been more hesitant, but they estimate that there is an 85% chance that the Pacific will enter a neutral state in the next two months and a 60% chance that a La Niña event will begin by August.

Meet the Underwater Gardeners That Scrub Imperial County’s Water Canals

As summer approaches, the Imperial Irrigation District is gearing up for another battle with the weeds that infest its canals. To do that, the regional water agency is calling in reinforcements: a small army of plant-munching fish.

Tracking California’s Water Supplies

The American Southwest recently experienced its driest period in 1,200 years. Storms in the winter of 2023 eased some of California’s extreme drought conditions, but officials stress that conservation should remain a way of life.

This page tracks hydrological conditions, precipitation, the Sierra snowpack and the largest reservoirs serving the state.