The City of Tomorrow Will Run on Your Toilet Water

The residents of the 40 floors of San Francisco apartments above our heads may live in luxury, but really, they’re just like the rest of us: showering, washing their hands, doing laundry. Normally in the US, all their water would flush out to a treatment facility, and eventually out to a body of water.

Morning Report: Sweetwater’s Floating Solar Array Is Ruffling Feathers

A group of South County residents voted Wednesday to formally oppose a proposed floating solar array atop a drinking water reservoir in their community.

How Our Drinking Water Could Come From Thin Air

In the dry, desert air of Las Vegas, it seems strange to be talking about a plentiful source of water all around us. Southern Nevada is in the grip of one of the worst droughts it has experienced in recorded history, leading to water shortages and restrictions on use.

‘Wastewater to Tap’ Could Become Reality for Californians

California regulators approved new rules last month to enable water suppliers to treat wastewater and redistribute it as drinking water. The state says that the new standards, which took years to craft, are the most advanced in the nation for treating wastewater and will add millions of gallons of additional drinking water to state supplies.

Researchers Discover Thousands of Nanoplastic Bits In Bottles of Drinking Water

It seems anywhere scientists look for plastic, they find it: from the ice in Antarctica, to the first bowel movement produced by newborn babies. Now, researchers are finding that the amount of microscopic plastics floating in bottled drinking water is far greater than initially believed.

New California Law Updates Water Restrictions For Businesses. What Does It Mean For You?

Restaurants, stores and other property owners will be banned from using drinking water to irrigate their lawns under a new California law. Assembly Bill 1572 requires business owners, public agencies and other entities to phase out the use of potable water to irrigate nonfunctional and decorative turf starting in 2027.

Who Pays to Get Forever Chemicals Out of Drinking Water? It Could Be You

Forever chemicals have shown up in drinking water across the country. Now they are appearing in homeowners’ soaring utility bills.

California Approves Rules for Converting Sewage Waste to Drinking Water

California regulators on Tuesday cleared the way for widespread use of advanced filtration and treatment facilities designed to convert sewage waste into pure drinking water that can be pumped directly into systems feeding millions of household taps.

Opinion: California’s Water Wars See Some Breakthroughs but More Clashes Loom

The politics of water in California could be likened to the constant grinding of tectonic plates 10 miles or more beneath its surface. The Pacific Plate battles with the North American Plate for dominance along the 800-mile-long San Andreas Fault tracing California’s coast. When one gives way, the state experiences an earthquake.

California Poised to Allow ‘Toilet to Tap’ Projects, in Landmark Water Rule

California water regulators are poised to approve long-awaited rules that will allow local water agencies to convert sewage — such as what drains from toilets and showers — directly into drinking water.