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US Officials Find Weak Security Practices at Water Plants Breached By Pro-Russia Hackers

Pro-Russia hackers have exploited shoddy security practices at multiple US water plants in recent cyberattacks that have hit a wider swathe of victims than was previously documented, according to an advisory by US federal agencies obtained by CNN.

America May Have Just Found More Drinking Water

There may be more drinking water waiting to be found in the Western U.S., a new computer model suggests.

The new model uses artificial intelligence (AI) to get better estimations of water supply across large distances in the West. Details on the computer model and its findings were published in Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence by researchers at Washington State University.

The Fluoride Fight: Data Shows More Us Cities, Towns Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

Fluoride, the tooth health-boosting mineral that conjures images of dentists’ offices for many, has been a standard additive to municipal water sources since the 1940s.

‘These Kids Deserve Water’: A San Diego County School District Has Lacked Clean Drinking Water For More Than A Decade

For 12 years San Diego County’s tiny, rural Warner Unified School District has had unsafe levels of arsenic in its drinking water.

The district is still struggling to secure a permanent clean water solution, and its leaders have been frustrated with what they described as bureaucratic delays in the process.

Efforts to Turn Wastewater Into Drinking Water Underway in East County

Residents in east San Diego County will get purified water flowing from their faucets starting in 2026. Construction to build the East County Advanced Water Purification Program is “well underway,” according to Mark Niemiec, the program’s director. The program aims to use state-of-the-art technology to purify recycled water in East County and transform it into clean and safe drinking water.

Cyber Criminals Target US Water Infrastructure

Cyber criminals affiliated with Iran and China are targeting critical water sector infrastructure in the United States. In a letter to governors, the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Michael Regan, and the president’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, said disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems throughout the United States.

Desalination — Can It Help Us Survive Water Scarcity?

From Ancient Greek sailors boiling seawater to Romans using clay pipes to filter salt, making saltwater drinkable through desalination has a long history. But modern forms of this millennia-old technology are now the “present and future of coping with water scarcity,” said Manzoor Qadir, deputy director of the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

What if International Hackers Attacked U.S. Water Systems?

The Biden administration is warning of potential cyberattacks on drinking water supplies in the United States. The White House national security team specifically pointed out Iranian and Chinese hackers working to infiltrate vital infrastructure across the country. Theresa Payton, who served as the White House Chief Information Officer under President George W. Bush, spoke to KNX News about the threat.

70 Million Americans Drink Water From Systems Reporting PFAS To EPA. Is Yours On Our Map?

At least 70 million Americans get their water from a system where toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” were found at levels that require reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Will Provide 30% of The Drinkable Water in East County

In the near future, recycled wastewater could account for 30% of the drinkable water in the East county. The water would go through several purification steps at a new facility being built in Santee.