California Seeks to Introduce Purified Wastewater to Drinking Supplies

Earlier this summer, state water officials introduced draft regulations that, if passed, would allow purified wastewater to be directly introduced to drinking supplies.

Currently, purified wastewater has to be introduced to environmental buffers like groundwater aquifers before being added to drinking supplies, but the new regulations would allow treated water to bypass this step after undergoing additional purification processes.

Helix Water District Completes Tunnel Hills Water Tank Rehab Project in Lakeside

The Helix Water District just wrapped up its Tunnel Hills water tank restoration project, ensuring thousands of East County residents’ drinking supply.

“Water tanks are an essential part of any potable water system,” Tim Ross, Director of Engineering with the Helix Water District said.

The Tunnel Hills water tanks are two of 25 water tanks the Helix Water District manages across San Diego County. They serve about 55,000 customers.