As Colorado River Shrinks, Water Evaporation Becomes Critical to California’s Future Supplies

Much of the Colorado River’s water is diverted from reservoirs and transported in canals to the farmlands and cities of the desert Southwest. But some of the water also ends up going elsewhere — vanishing into thin air.

Water lost to evaporation has become a central point of contention in the disagreement between California and six other states over how to divide reductions in water use.

Single Water District in California to Use 11 Times More Colorado River Water Than Southern Nevada Will Use in 2023

Figuring out where the Colorado River’s water goes after Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam can be challenging to understand and is often incorrectly stated. So when the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation  published forecasted use of Colorado River water it is essential to analyze the numbers.

According to the USBR, the forecasted use for 2023 in the lower Colorado River basin is divided four ways: Nevada, Arizona, California and Mexico.