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Rep. Levin Announces $32 Million in Federal Funding for Regional Desalination Projects

Rep. Mike Levin announced Thursday that he has secured $32.2 million in federal funds for three desalination projects to increase water security in north San Diego and south Orange counties.

Colorado River Negotiators Say They Need More Time, As Biden Administration Wants Deal By Election

The policymakers working on a new management plan for the Colorado River say they need more time to bridge disagreements about how to share its water.

State negotiators from Wyoming to California are under pressure to agree on new guidelines for managing the river. The current rules expire in 2026, but state leaders disagree about who should bear the brunt of cutbacks to water demand. At a meeting this week in Colorado, John Entsminger, who manages water in Nevada, says those hard decisions probably won’t come soon.

UCD: A Drying Salton Sea Pollutes Neighboring Communities

When desert winds stir up dust from the Salton Sea’s exposed lakebed, nearby communities suffer from increased air pollution. The deterioration coincides with reduced flows into California’s largest lake, a new research paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics finds.

Disadvantaged communities have been affected more than others in the areas near the Salton Sea, which has been shrinking for years, said the paper’s co-leading author Eric Edwards. He is an assistant professor of agricultural economics at UC Davis, who did the research while at North Carolina State University.

The U.S. Drought Monitor Is A Critical Tool For The Arid West. Can It Keep Up With Climate Change?

Known for its glowing swaths of yellow, orange and red, the U.S. Drought Monitor has warned farmers, residents and officials throughout the nation of impending water scarcity every week since 1999.

Backed by data on soil moisture, temperature, snow cover, meltwater runoff, reservoir levels and more, the map has become an essential instrument for determining the outlook of water supplies, declaring drought emergencies and deciding where and when government aid should be distributed, among other things.

A Drying Salton Sea: Research Finds Higher Particulate Pollution After Water Diverted to San Diego

When desert winds stir up dust from the Salton Sea’s exposed lakebed, nearby communities suffer from increased air pollution. The deterioration coincides with reduced flows into California’s largest lake, finds a new research paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Major California Water Recycling Program Gets $99M Boost

The Biden administration on Tuesday announced it would invest $99 million in taxpayer funds to support the creation of the world’s largest water recycling center, a project aimed in part at easing California’s reliance on the drought-stricken Colorado River.

Water Recycling Gets a Boost in Southern California With New Federal Funding

The Biden administration has announced that Southern California’s plan to build the largest wastewater recycling plant in the nation will be supported by $99.2 million in federal funds, an investment that officials said represents a down payment toward making the region more resilient to the effects of climate change.

In Agricultural Yuma, State, Federal and Local Water Talks Are Dictated by the Law of the River

It’s impossible to talk about water in Arizona without talking about the Colorado River.

It supplies water to 40 million people across the American West, including more than two dozen tribes, cities like Phoenix and Tucson, and agriculture. The river travels some 1,450 miles all told and drains into seven US states, including Arizona, and two in Mexico.

Proposed Settlement is First Step in Securing Colorado River Water for 3 Native American Tribes

A proposed water rights settlement for three Native American tribes that carries a price tag larger than any such agreement enacted by Congress took a significant step forward late Monday with introduction in the Navajo Nation Council.

Opinion: California Should Look to Ocean for Municipal Water, Not Our Pastures

Colorado and other Upper Basin states must pay particular attention to recently published scientific studies detailing the improved water budget on the Colorado River Basin. On April 4, 2024, The Colorado Sun published a story with the headline “Cherish that hamburger. It cost a quarter of the Colorado River, according to researchers.”