Fort Bragg City Council Lifts All Water Conservation Restrictions

Last week, the City Council passed a resolution rescinding the Stage 2 Water Warning and lifting all mandatory water conservation restrictions within the Fort Bragg water service area. The recent rainfall plus the success of the City’s Desalination-Reverse Osmosis Treatment System eliminated the current need for water conservation measures.

Due to the conservation efforts of the community last summer and early fall. Water usage this summer was lower than any year on record. Despite the increased visitation, water usage in August was down 33% from August 2019, and usage in September was down 32% from 2019 (the most recent year without any water restrictions in place).

City Takes Possession of Water Desalination Unit

On Tuesday, September 14, the City of Fort Bragg council declared a Stage 4 Water Crisis at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night. A Stage 4 Water Crisis targets a 30-40% decrease in seasonal water use based on the most recent year in which water conservation measures were not required (2019).

Six months ago the City of Fort Bragg ordered a desalination-reverse osmosis treatment system to help provide drinking water during periods of saltwater intrusion at its main Noyo River water source. The skid-mounted unit has arrived and can produce 200 gallons of desalinated water a minute, or 288,000 gallons of water per day, but because the unit can only run for 12 hours a day, the daily capacity will top out at 144,000 gallons.