California Drought: 8-Year-Old ‘Lawnbuster’ is Changing the World One Yard at a Time

The past three years have been the driest on record in California and officials warn that streak could continue.

Most of the state is under severe-to-exceptional drought conditions, fueling risks for wildfires and putting Central Valley farmers in an even bigger pinch, as they struggle to keep their crops alive.

The weather, in next couple of months, will determine if there will be some relief for the state. Until then, water officials say conservation needs to remain a way of life.

Water Agency Experts Predict a Fourth Year of Drought, Urge Bay Area Residents to Conserve More

California water conservation experts sounded an alarm on Tuesday. They warned Bay Area residents to brace for a fourth dry year in a row, as the drought persists.

“We are making investments across the state and in the Bay Area to help build our resilience to drought and to climate change,” said Wade Crowfoot, the California National Resources Agency Secretary. “The conservation actions we take now will pay off in water reliability later in the future.”