Camarillo’s Desalter Plant Begins Supplying Drinking Water

Camarillo’s North Pleasant Valley Groundwater Desalter began producing drinking water earlier this month, diminishing the city’s reliance on imported water.

The reverse-osmosis desalter, located at 2727 Somis Road, converts unusable brackish groundwater into 1 million gallons of high-quality potable water per day, city staff said in a news release. The plant will be producing about 4 million gallons per day when it is operating at full capacity in two months.

Local Water Districts Call for Urgent Conservation Action

A collaborative of local water districts, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Triunfo Water & Sanitation District and Calleguas Municipal Water District, are urging significant water use reductions by their customers after the California Department of Water Resources announced a 0% initial allocation from the State Water Project for the upcoming year.