Officials Commit to Deals to Conserve Colorado River Water

California water districts and Bureau of Reclamation officials today commemorated a series of 21 water conservation agreements that will save 1.6 million acre feet of Colorado River water through 2026.

New Permanent Water Conservation Rules Are Coming to California — See How Your City Will Be Affected

Dozens of California cities could be required to impose permanent water conservation measures starting in about a year — and keep them in place even when the state is not in a drought — under proposed new rules from state water regulators.

Court Rules No Inverse Condemnation For California Water Districts In Copper Pipe Case

The California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division Three has shot down the appeal of a resident of Laguna Niguel that claimed the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California damaged her copper piping. According to the court opinion filed by Associate Justice Raymond J. Ikola, plaintiff Lisa Williams filed a lawsuit claiming MWD added a chemical to the tap water that damaged her copper pipes. The opinion states that the chemical was authorized by regulation and that “it is undisputed that the water districts complied with all statutory and regulatory standards.”