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Chico Customers Paying Higher Water and Sewer Rates

People in Chico are seeing higher water bills this summer. It’s a combination of higher water and sewer rates. Starting in July the current combined bill must be paid separately. Cal Water implemented a four percent interim rate increase on May 5. Chico Cal Water District Manager Evan Markey said the final rate increase has been delayed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Long Beach Commission Approves 9% Hike in Water Bills

Long Beach water customers will likely see their bills increase this year.

This comes after the Utilities Commission approved a 9% increase for water usage Monday.

The increase would add just over $5 to the average single-family household’s bill starting Oct. 1.

A public hearing on the rates is tentatively scheduled for August.

CAISO Calls For Near-Term Power Procurement, Even With Possible Diablo Canyon Extension

The California Public Utilities Commission should reject calls to delay adding new power supplies in the state even though the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant’s impending retirement may be put on hold, according to the California Independent System Operator.

CAISO also supports a recommendation from the CPUC’s Public Advocates Office that the commission authorize immediate procurements to address system needs from 2026 through 2030, the grid operator said in comments it filed at the commission on Thursday.

A Judge Recommends Approving Pure Water Monterey Expansion, in What Could Change the Water Landscape

The future water supply of the Monterey Peninsula got a big boost Sept. 30 when Anne Simon, an administrative law judge appointed by the California Public Utilities Commission, issued a proposed decision that, if approved by the CPUC next month, would authorize an expansion of the Pure Water Monterey recycled water project.

California Prepares for Energy Shortfalls in Hot, Dry Summer

California likely will have an energy shortfall equivalent to what it takes to power about 1.3 million homes when use is at its peak during the hot and dry summer months, state officials said Friday.

Threats from drought, extreme heat and wildfires, plus supply chain and regulatory issues hampering the solar industry will create challenges for energy reliability this summer, the officials said. They represented the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, and the California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s energy grid.

CAISO Approves Nearly $3B of Transmission Projects to Prepare for California’s Clean Energy Goals

The California Independent System Operator approved a transmission plan Thursday that includes 23 projects, estimated to cost nearly $3 billion, to cope with the dramatic increase in renewable generation and forecasted load growth in its footprint.

What Can Be Done to Keep California’s Utility Bills From Getting Even Higher?

As rising power bills leave many Californians howling — with San Diego Gas & Electric customers paying the highest rates — the regulatory agency that approves what the state’s three big investor-owned utilities can charge opened a two-day workshop Monday to discuss what can be done to keep prices from climbing even higher.

The California Public Utilities Commission, known as the CPUC, heard from a range of voices that included consumer and trade groups, energy analysts, environmental organizations, academics and the power companies themselves during the virtual meeting opening day.

To Get ‘White Gold,’ We Need More Geothermal

A vision for a “Lithium Valley” around the Salton Sea does appear to be on its way to reality.

The potential of the sea as a vast untapped and sustainable reserve of lithium for a world increasingly focused toward renewable — and rechargeable — sources of power got a shot in the arm last week.

How a Beachfront Gas Plant Explains California’s Energy Problems

When the California Public Utilities Commission recommended 17 months ago that a gas-fired power plant on the Redondo Beach waterfront remain open beyond 2020 — over the objections of local officials and clean energy activists — Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves made a commitment to the city’s mayor.

FPUD Working to Reduce Electricity Costs

The Fallbrook Public Utility District is working with the California Public Utilities Commission to secure CPUC grant funding which will reduce FPUD’s electricity costs.

A non-voting item at FPUD’s Dec. 7 board meeting addressed FPUD’s efforts to reduce electricity expenses. The program would utilize Tesla battery walls and is expected to save FPUD more than $100,000 annually in electricity expenses.