A Battle for Safe Drinking Water Grows Heated Amid Drought in California’s Central Valley

Thousands of acres of crops, from corn to nectarines, surround Melynda Metheney’s community in West Goshen, California — one of the key battlegrounds where residents say irrigation and overpumping have depleted drinkable water.

“You know what you’re up against when you live in these communities. You have to decide, are there enough of us?” said Metheney, standing in her parched yard.

Cal Water Expands Water-Saving Programs for Customers Amid Growing Drought Emergency

As the drought intensifies, local water utility California Water Service is helping customers save water every day through expanded water conservation programs and educational resources.

These programs and resources include newly launched lawn-to-garden and spray-to-drip rebates, which offer incentives for Cal Water customers to make their landscaping and irrigation systems as efficient as possible.

Cal Water Responds to Concerns During COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to concerns the California Water Service has seen about the safety of tap water as well as scammers targeting utility providers’ customers through phone, mail and email for personal information or to demand payment for their bills, released the following things residents should know.