Desalination Plant Construction Underway in Antioch as Drought Worsens

The city of Antioch sits right next to the largest source of fresh water in Northern California. But it’s facing a water supply crisis because of changes to the Delta, both natural and man-made.

As a result, the city is taking extraordinary measures to increase supply in a way that has the rest of the state watching.

A Tale of Two Coastlines: Desalination in China and California – New Security Beat

The port city of Tianjin is in desperate need of water. The surface and groundwater supplies of this sprawling northeast Chinese metropolis have shrunk to dangerously low levels due to decades of reduced rainfall and overexploitation of the Hai River that flows through the city. According to the Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, the city’s per capita water resources are one-twentieth of China’s national average, far below the UN benchmark for a water-stressed region.