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History on Wheels Honors Vallecitos Water District Service

The Vallecitos Water District will honor its history when it moves a vintage service vehicle with a significant story to tell into its lobby this month. The District’s General Manager Glenn Pruim approved moving the 1946 “Willys” CJ2A Jeep into the lobby of its headquarters building as a museum display, with informational signage and photos depicting its activities.

The 1946 Jeep served the water district for decades. It was used to survey property. When this task was no longer feasible, the Jeep became a favorite public outreach tool, appearing in parades and public events in the Vallecitos service area. It made its final appearance at the 2010 San Marcos Christmas Parade, driven by Vallecitos Board Member Margaret E. “Betty” Ferguson, who had an affinity for the Jeep after serving in the Women’s U.S. Marine Corps.