Is This San Diego’s Rainiest ‘Water Year’ on Record?

This year has been off to a rainy start for much of California, and San Diego is no exception.

With all the wet weather the region has experienced as of late, San Diegans may be surprised to learn that when it comes to the number of (measurable) rain days, these last few months haven’t exactly shattered records.

What California’s Excessive Snow, Rain Mean for State’s Reservoirs

A series of atmospheric river events with heavy rain and snow have caused California water regulators to open flood gates on water storage facilities, but the uncertainty of when Mother Nature’s faucet will shut off has experts weighing the advantages and disadvantages of letting the precious resource run free.

California Weather Forecasters Bolstered by Airborne Researchers Diving Into Atmospheric Rivers

As the parade of storms hitting California leaves behind widespread damage and impacts, scientists are literally diving into these atmospheric river events to better predict and understand what’s coming on the horizon.

Flying over the Pacific Ocean on specially-equipped aircraft, the “hurricane hunters” of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration play a huge role in helping communities determine the severity of atmospheric river storms.