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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

OPINION: The Case for Higher Water Rates

Just about every year, the San Diego County Water Authority uses ratepayer funds to bus local citizens to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s final budget meeting in downtown Los Angeles. They are customers who have ended up with some unfortunate misimpressions about Metropolitan’s financial practices and proposed budget, and they come to urge […]

OPINION: Con: Agency Needs Transparency Before Raising Rates

Few people would be shocked to learn that the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District is once again preparing to raise water rates and property taxes for the next two years, given its history of similar increases. What alarms me most is that Metropolitan is doing so using methodology that a state Superior Court judge has […]

In Response: Hitting our Mark

The Union-Tribune’s report on regional and statewide water conservation efforts (“Water conservation skid worsens across state,” April 5) omitted an important fact about the months-long effort of local residents and businesses to increase conservation — a fact that deserves to be recognized. We, as a region, saved enough water to successfully meet the state’s mandate […]

OPINION: Pro: Rate Increases Needed to Meet Water Needs

Like other financially sound organizations, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has a robust budget process that provides fiscal stability while addressing current needs and long term objectives. This approach has resulted in the kind of essential investments to ensure the Southland has had reliable water supplies during this historic drought and prevented untold […]