California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

The $2.4 Billion Plan to Water California

Scott Slater has a plan. It is not a popular plan, but he wants to pump 814 billion gallons of water from under the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles and other drought-stricken communities in southern California, and make more than $2 billion doing so.   “Yes, it’s quite a lot of money,” Slater, the 57-year-old […]

Storm Drops Another Foot Of Snow Around Tahoe; Many Crashes

The latest storm to hit the Sierra Nevada region dropped a foot of snow on ski resorts around Lake Tahoe on Wednesday, with a couple of inches in the valleys and freezing fog that caused dozens of crashes on slippery roads from Reno to Fallon about 60 miles east.   The only potentially serious injury […]

2015 Biggest Trends: Water Scarcity Rises to Top Global Concern

In the last days of 2015, the Famine Early Warning System Network, a forecasting tool, reported that the deepest drought experienced by South Africa in over a decade could lead to grain shortages and spiking food prices. South Africa’s corn harvest, which normally yields a 3 million metric ton surplus that helps feed other African […]

Effectively Monitor Water Use in Your Home with Calliope

It’s estimated that nearly 18 percent of the water used in a person’s home is lost to leaks. Annually that can amount to a staggering 13,000 gallons of water. Whether all of that is coming from the toilet that won’t stop running or a catastrophic burst pipe, oftentimes you find out far too late that […]

Not Just California: El Niño Blamed For Weather Woes around Globe

The impacts of this season’s “El Niño” — now tied as the strongest on record — have been felt across the country in the form of record breaking warmth across the Midwest and Northeast, the deadly tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest and Southeast, and now the conveyor belt of storms slamming into southern California. […]

Pacific Warm-Water ‘Blob’ Weakens, NOAA Reports

The mysterious warm-water “blob” in the Pacific Ocean has weakened a bit, scientists reported in mid-December.   Strong winds dominating the West Coast during much of November brought “cold air and some new upwelling of deep, cold water that weakened the warm patches that made up the blob,” said Nathan Mantua of the National Oceanic […]