California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

Marin Grand Jury Report Blasts Water Supply Planning

The Marin Municipal Water District has failed to adequately prepare for severe drought and should create a four-year water supply, the Marin civil grand jury said in a new report. Last year, the district faced depleting local reservoir supplies as soon as summer 2022. While rains in late 2021 nearly refilled reservoirs, the drought “exposed […]

Clean Energy, Water Projects Get Boost in Spending Bill

House Democrats’ $56.3 billion fiscal 2023 Energy-Water spending bill released last night seeks to bolster a host of Biden administration clean energy and water infrastructure deployment goals that are running into funding limitations this year. In total, the bill’s topline number would represent an increase of $3.4 billion above the fiscal year 2022 level, including $48.2 billion […]

Why Summer Fires in California Are So Dangerous

It’s almost July, which is typically the beginning of California’s fire season. You’ve probably heard that wildfires in the Golden State have increasingly become a year-round danger, no longer limited to a few months a year. But even still, the start of the traditional summer-and-fall fire season brings a slew of heightened risks for us […]

A Major California Reservoir Has Hit Its Peak for the Year at Just Over Half Full

Lake Oroville, the largest reservoir in a state system that provides water to 27 million Californians, has already reached its peak level for the year, barely surpassing half of its capacity, according to the Department of Water Resources. Officials had warned the lake — key to the roughly 700-mile State Water Project, which pumps and […]

7 States Must Figure Out How to Conserve an Unprecedented Amount of Water

Water managers in the western U.S. are facing a monumental task. Federal officials have given seven states an August deadline to figure out a plan to conserve an unprecedented amount of water. Without major cutbacks in water use, the nation’s two largest reservoirs are in danger of reaching critically low levels.

Tear Out Your Lawn, Check. Drought-Tolerant Plants, Check. Next Up: Recycled Water

Tearing out our lawns is a good start toward wiser water use in Southern California, but it’s not enough. To do the job properly, we must also be ready to collect the rain that will someday fall out of the sky, advocates say. And these people have a vision that not only stores increasingly precious rainwater, but […]