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Are Atmospheric Rivers the Reason for Northern California’s Extreme Weather?

It’s been a tough few years for Northern California, disaster-wise. The north state has been hammered in quick succession by catastrophic drought, intense flooding and rampaging wildfires. While it’s reassuring to know such extreme events are historically uncommon, they’re also not simply a result of bad luck.

Scientists have only recently begun to understand that they share a common natural link.

Lack of Rain Puts Signs of Drought Back on California Map

Little rain has fallen in California since the start of the water year on Oct. 1, putting signs of drought back on the map.

The federal Drought Monitor Map, a mechanism to measure drought that’s mainly used in agriculture, shows 81% of the state as abnormally dry. A small portion (4%) of the map near the Arizona border is designated as “moderate drought.”

California Gets Good Marks Planning for Sea-Level Rise

California got an A-grade for its efforts to protect the state’s beaches in the latest coastal survey from the California-based Surfrider group.

The survey looked at how states with coastlines managed sediment, coastal development, coastal armoring, and sea-level rise.

The state’s proactive coastal policies earned a high rating.