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Water District Approves Rate Increase, Fee Spending Plan

Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors approved an increase to the general untreated water rates, updates to a fire mitigation fee facilities plan, and an agreement to use Mercy Medical for backup ambulance transportation services at their Sept. 10 meeting.

Water rate increases were approved by the RMWD directors on July 9. However, directors revisited the topic to correct a clerical error in the district’s public notice of proposed increases to general untreated water rates.

The original Proposition 218 notice, which informs property owners and customers of proposed water rate increases, incorrectly stated the general untreated water was set to increase from $4.88 to $5.46 per unit beginning Aug. 1. A unit is the equivalent of 748 gallons.

Gravel Project Aims To Replenish Critical Nursing Areas Of The American River For Fish

thousands of tons of gravel is being laid in the American River this month, re-establishing a crucial spawning area for hundreds of native salmon and steelhead trout.

On Friday, crews used rocks and stones dredged up from the river more than a century ago during Gold Rush to create opportunities to find shelter and food for the fish at Sailor Bay.

The project will ultimately add 14,000 tons from the floodplain to the flowing water near Fair Oaks before Chinook salmon begin to make the grueling trek from the Pacific Ocean up to the American River starting in October.

The ‘Blob’ Is Surging Back In The Pacific, Leading To Fears Of Mass Die-Offs Of Marine Life And Unusual Weather Patterns

Across vast stretches of the Pacific Ocean extending from Hawaii north to the shores of Alaska, and southeast to near California, a new marine heat wave is underway. This event is widely referred to as “The Blob Part Two,” or just another “Blob,” after the first event, which took place 2014 through 2016, earned that odd moniker based on its bold red appearance on maps of ocean surface temperatures.

The new incarnation has already caused coral bleaching in the Hawaiian islands, and it may be tied to strandings of marine mammals along the California coast.