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OPINION: Saving The Salton Sea Isn’t Just California’s Problem, Says Sen. Dianne Feinstein

I agree with the March 29 editorial that projects to cover the shrinking Salton Sea’s exposed shoreline are desperately needed to prevent an environmental and public health crisis.In the recent farm bill, I secured provisions that made the Salton Sea eligible for Department of Agriculture conservation funding for the first time. We’re now working with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to make additional funds available as quickly as possible to support conservation efforts at the Salton Sea. Addressing the Salton Sea’s shoreline problems is only one step needed to improve environmental conditions for Imperial County residents.

Reservoirs Release More Water In Anticipation Of Snowpack

Local reservoir managers are proactively releasing water at higher rates than usual in anticipation of increased inflows from heavy winter rains and snowstorms. The Central Sierra five station index has recorded 43 inches of rain since Oct. 1, the beginning of the water year – 129 percent of normal levels for April 1. The snowpack for the San Joaquin hydrologic region, which encompasses the northern portion of the San Joaquin Valley bordered by the Sierra Nevada on the east and coastal mountains of the Diablo Range on the west, is at 165 percent of its average with about 48 inches in snow water equivalent for this time of year, based on California Department of Water Resources data.