OPINION – When Water Rates Soar, Ratepayers Deserve Clear Communication

The San Diego County Water Authority hopes to leverage last year’s wet winter to switch to a cheaper water supply and sell their more expensive water. Those savings would be passed onto its member agencies in smoothed future rates.

Morning Report: Sweetwater’s Floating Solar Array Is Ruffling Feathers

A group of South County residents voted Wednesday to formally oppose a proposed floating solar array atop a drinking water reservoir in their community.

Sweetwater Authority Approves Two Rate Hikes to Start 2024 and 2025

Tens of thousands of South Bay residents will pay more for water next year.

The Sweetwater Authority approved a .5% rate hike beginning Jan. 1 and another 6% hike the following year. By 2026, rates could go up another 6.5%, according to the agency.

Typical Household Water, Sewer Bills Increased 56% Since 2012

Bluefield Research has announced some of the findings in its new report on water and sewer utility rates in U.S. households.

Rising Water Rates Could Affect Beer Prices in San Diego

For local breweries in San Diego, it’s becoming increasingly complex to brew beer due to a recent surge in water rates.

After a Pandemic Pause, Detroit Restarts Water Shut-offs – Part of a Nationwide Trend as Costs Rise

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Detroit residents got a break from water shut-offs.

In March 2020, just after the coronavirus made hand-washing a matter of public health, the City of Detroit announced a plan that kept water services on for residents for US$25 a month, with the first payment covered by the state.

Big Year of Rain Means Big Budget Hole at Metropolitan

California’s biggest water supplier is hurting for cash this year as the recent record-breaking rainy winter means its customers need to buy less water.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is facing a more than $300 million budget shortfall – about a quarter of its normal revenue from selling water.

Elk Grove Water District Will Help Some Households Pay Late Bills. Here’s How to Sign Up

The Elk Grove Water District is putting together a free sign-up event Friday that will provide a leg up for low-income households struggling to pay bills. The event will help residents apply for assistance through the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), a federally funded program operated by California Department of Community Services and Development.


Oceanside City Council Approves 12% Water Rate Increase Over Next Two Years

Oceanside residents will soon see a double-digit increase over the next two years after two years of no increase to their rates at all.

“Anytime we see something like this come forward, especially when cost-of-living generally is going up across-the-board and people are really struggling to make ends meet, this is considered very heavily,” Councilmember Eric Joyce said.

Councilmembers unanimously approved the new rates Wednesday.

‘Ridiculous’ Water Bills. ‘Inordinate’ Hold Times. After Years of Customer Complaints, San Diego is Making Sweeping Changes.

Years of complaints about billing mistakes and hours-long customer-service hold times have prompted San Diego officials to make sweeping changes to the city’s Water Department.

The changes include a new billing system, switching customer service software, new call routing, more payment options and a new policy alerting customers when their bill is being withheld for a leak investigation.

The city is also hiring more customer service workers, paying them more, expanding their training and putting new leaders in charge of their efforts.