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San Diego Water Rates to Increase Monday

San Diego water rates will go up by 5.2%. This increase, approved by the City Council last September, includes a 1.8% charge from the San Diego County Water Authority to cover higher costs of imported water and other services.

The rate hike will help fund essential upgrades to the city’s water infrastructure, such as replacing old pipelines and supporting projects like Pure Water San Diego, which aims to ensure a reliable water supply.

Water Authority Approves 4% Rise in Wholesale Rates – Maybe More to Come in July

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday approved an
increase of approximately 4% in wholesale rates for 2025. But that might not be all. The panel plans to assess the need for additional increases after a public hearing in July, according to an agency news release. The approved increase was designed to cover pass-through costs from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that start accruing on July 1.

Morning Report: San Diego’s Water Gets (a Little) More Expensive

After hours of debate, San Diego’s water importer (because the region has to buy most of its water from outside the county) decided to raise rates just a smidgen – and put off the doom-iest part of its proposed water price spike until next month.

Why? Well, a lot of local water district representatives (there are 33) weren’t comfortable with how the city of San Diego (the region’s biggest and most powerful water buyer) wanted to try and stave off bigger rate increases. And the city, which has the power to ram through anything it wants, hit the pause button instead.

Water Systems Warn Americans Could Soon See Major Rate Hikes Due to ‘Forever Chemicals’

In exchange for cleaner water, Americans around the nation may soon have to pay hefty prices.

Water systems are starting to warn residents of massive rate hikes as they prepare to install technology to filter out toxic chemicals in a family known as PFAS.

San Diego Mayor Pushes Back on Huge Countywide Water Rate Hike

It’s been a rainy couple of years – and that means the region’s water importer and seller is hurting for cash. To help cover that gap, among other growing costs of its massive water infrastructure system, the San Diego County Water Authority proposed increasing water rates by up to 39 percent in the next two years.

San Diego County is on Track for Much Higher Water Rates. Expect Your Bill to Go Up — but by How Much?

Local water agencies are bracing for much higher wholesale water costs, after the County Water Authority board voted unanimously Thursday to move a rate hike proposal forward to a June 27 final vote.

Sebastopol City Council Planning Water Rate Increase as Some City Workers Seethe

Sebastopol residents could pay an average of $43 more per month for water and sewer services beginning July 1. The proposed increase, to be discussed by city leaders on Tuesday and be voted on by the Sebastopol City Council in June, is meant to cover the cost of much needed maintenance and replacements on the city’s aging system.

Opinion: Even With the Coming Tax and Rate Hikes, Water in SoCal is Pretty Cheap

It’s the most frustrating part of conservation. To save water, you rip out your lawn, shorten your shower time, collect rainwater for the flowers and stop washing the car. Your water use plummets.

And for all that trouble, your water supplier raises your rates. Why? Because everyone is using so much less that the agency is losing money.

Local Water Agencies Facing 39 Percent Hike in Costs for Wholesale Water

County water officials say the amount they charge local agencies for wholesale water must increase 39 percent over the next three years, including a hike between 16 percent and 22 percent during 2025.

Opinion: Changing Water Reality Upends Huge Project, Pushes Rates Higher

We’re all in hot water.

Sometimes there’s not enough water, sometimes too much. Either way, water costs for San Diegans will increase to sticker-shock level and maybe beyond, if that’s possible. And using less won’t help much.