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After Some Wet Weather Last Month, Rain is Back to Bypassing Southern California

After a brief interruption for some rain late last month, the Los Angeles region is back to its regularly scheduled programing. In November, that means little or no rain.

For those hoping for more rain, the prospects aren’t good, as the National Weather Service puts it. The long-range models look dry into early December.

Not that L.A. gets much rain in November. The monthly normal for downtown Los Angeles is 0.78 of an inch. Downtown normally receives 0.58 of an inch of rain in October, but got 0.71 of an inch, putting L.A. less than a quarter-inch above normal so far for the rainfall season.

Lessons from San Diego’s Approach to Wildfires

San Diego has largely escaped the conflagrations seen in other parts of California over the last several years. Experts have started to wonder: Is San Diego just lucky? Or is it doing something right?