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Sticker Shock: Thousands of San Diego Water Customers Getting Gigantic, Cumulative Bills

More and more San Diego water customers are getting sticker shock from gigantic bills that force them to pay for many months of past service all at once.

The cumulative bills, which can be as high as several thousand dollars, aren’t the result of customers being irresponsible. They are being caused by severe staffing shortages and outdated meters that often malfunction, city officials say.

From the Archives: San Diego Aqueduct Dedication 75 Years Ago Marked New Era in Region’s Quest for Water

Seventy-five years ago, on Dec. 11 1947, the 71-mile San Diego Aqueduct was dedicated and put into operation, bringing water from the Colorado River to San Diego. By 1949, 85 percent of all water consumed in San Diego was Colorado River water. Today, after conservation, desalination, and other efforts to add to local water supplies, some 70 percent of the region’s water supply still flows through the aqueduct system.

How Much Will Water and Energy Rates Rise in San Diego in 2023?

Higher utility rates will be here starting on Jan. 1. NBC 7 has already talked about higher energy rates, but water and wastewater rates are rising too. That means higher utility bills are on the way for many San Diegans. But just how much are they going up? Some, like water and wastewater increases, are set in stone, while others are being modified right up to the last minute. That can make it hard for families to plan.

San Diego, Not SDG&E, Must Pay to Move Gas Pipelines for Pure Water Project, Judge Rules

Four years ago, when the San Diego City Council approved paying tens of millions of dollars to relocate utility pipes and other equipment to make room for the ambitious Pure Water project, city officials insisted they would recover the money from San Diego Gas & Electric. That didn’t happen. The city sued San Diego Gas & Electric in 2020, saying that the company violated its franchise agreement by refusing to pay to move its equipment.

San Diego Releases Water From Crumbling Lake Hodges Into San Dieguito River

Following recent rains, the city of San Diego started releasing water from Lake Hodges this week. The move, mandated by state safety officials, is part of ongoing maintenance at the reservoir’s deteriorating century-old dam. About 250 million gallons of water will flow into the San Dieguito River using valves in the dam, according to city officials.

Rainy Season Checklist | How to Help Keep San Diego Waters Clean

The rainy season is in full swing. When we talk about the rainy season, there’s a checklist that the County of San Diego wants you to remember because stormwater pollution is a major problem here.

“While you’re looking at your property and your home and your world, you should do everything we can to keep pollutants off of the streets, off of our curbs and gutters, out of our storm drains and out of our local waterways,” said Stephanie Gaines, the Program Coordinator for the County of San Diego.

San Diego’s Water Desalination Efforts Could Get Boost in Federal Funding

Desalination projects in the San Diego area could get millions in federal funding under a bill Rep. Mike Levin introduced Tuesday.

The Desalination Development Act would provide $260 million over five years for desalination projects across the country, including Oceanside’s Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility, which converts brackish flows into potable water, said Levin.

It also sets environmental standards for projects that get federal funding, with requirements for energy efficiency, wildlife protection and water conservation.