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Remnants of Atmospheric River Hits San Diego With Rain, Snow & Possible Floods

An atmospheric river taking aim for California was expected to bring heavy rains to an already-drenched San Diego County overnight Thursday, creating the possibility for flooding, downed trees and big waves for the first week of the New Year. The atmospheric river, which is a term used to describe heavier-than-normal rains that pull moisture from the tropics, inundated Northern and Central California on Wednesday, prompting evacuations, causing power outages and other damage.

Strong Pacific Storm Brings Heavy Rain, Wind and Surf to San Diego

Widespread rain returns to San Diego County Thursday for a fifth day in a row as yet another atmospheric river impacts our state. Gov. Gavin Newsom has proclaimed a state of emergency throughout California in response to severe winter storms.

It’s Not Over Yet: Forecasters Predict More Rain This Week Across San Diego

Rainfall was starting to roll into the San Diego area Tuesday morning as part of a new wave of storms expected throughout the week, according to the National Weather Service. Clouds were thickening with partly and mostly cloudy skies expected to blanket Southern California on Tuesday, growing denser as the frontal system over the eastern Pacific approaches the area.

San Diego County Faces Second Straight Week of Back-To-Back Pacific Storms

For a second consecutive week, San Diego County will get hit by a pair of back-to-back storms that are part of larger systems that will bring badly needed rain to California’s reservoirs and minimize the risk of wildfires. The polar jet stream has slumped to the south and is guiding storms to the West Coast like a conveyor belt, says the National Weather Service.

Forecasters: Rain Could Put Damper on New Year’s Weekend Festivities

It was a mostly dry day Wednesday in San Diego, but another storm is on the way that could dampen New Year’s Eve celebrations. “Precipitation is over for most of San Diego County for the next couple days except for really light rain in spots until Saturday afternoon,” said National Weather Service forecaster Brian Adams, who added the storm Tuesday night dropped a half-inch to an inch of rain over much of the county.

End of Year Storms Bring Much-Needed Rain to San Diego. Here’s Rainfall Totals, So Far

A dry Southern California is soaking up rain from a series of storms that has, so far, brought a half-inch to more than an inch of rain to parts of San Diego County. The first storm reached the northern parts of the county Tuesday evening and swept southeast overnight before making its way south by Wednesday morning. A few lingering clouds could bring the occasional shower through the work-week but it’s not likely to be much, NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said.

Residents With Rain Barrels Look Forward to Upcoming Storm in San Diego

Rain is in the forecast this week, and residents with rain barrels are getting ready. “Right before it rains, I make sure that they are empty so that I have space for more water,” said Robin Reed-Anderson, an Encinitas resident. She has four barrels on her property that collect rainwater.

First of Two Storms Could Drop Half-Inch of Rain in San Diego by Early Wednesday

The first of two Pacific storms will push into San Diego County on Tuesday night and likely drop a half-inch or more of rain at and near the coast and slightly more in the foothills and mountains by early Wednesday, says the National Weather Service. The rain represents the tail of a much larger system that is soaking the Bay Area and is expected to bring heavy snow to the Sierra Nevada, benefiting many of the state’s reservoirs.

Weather Service: Series of Storms to Bring Rain, Mountain Snow Later This Week

A cold storm sliding in from the Pacific Northwest will impact San Diego County later in the week and going into the weekend, but forecasters were uncertain Monday whether the precipitation would produce significant rain and snow. According to the National Weather Service, a trough of low pressure will push down from the Gulf of Alaska and reach Southern California Thursday.

Here’s How Much Rain Fell in 42 San Diego County Communities During the Alaskan Storm

The Alaskan storm that hit San Diego County Tuesday and Wednesday is among the biggest to hit the region in the past couple of years. Forecasters say the downpour in North and East counties will help tamp down the risk of wildfires well into December. The National Weather Service says San Diego’s weather will now gradually dry and warm up through at least Saturday.