Acres Residents in Ramona Seek $1.32M Grant to Get Access to Clean Water

Residents of Ramona’s Acres community are working with local officials and a nonprofit on an application for a $1.32 million grant that would give them better access to clean water.

The funds would pay for new water main pipelines for the community, which has contaminated well water and inadequate pipes.

Toby Roy, a specialist with the nonprofit Rural Community Assistance Corporation, provided an update on the application process at the Dec. 14 Ramona Municipal Water District meeting.

Ramona Farmers, Winery Owners Weather Dry Years with Water Conservation Strategies

Farmers and winery owners in Ramona and other parts of San Diego County are weathering the drought better than their counterparts in Northern California and the Central Valley through a mix of smart water use strategies, adequate water supplies and resources such as free irrigation system evaluations, according to water experts.

One reason local agricultural water users have avoided shortfalls in water supplies is because residents and businesses have been reducing the amount of water they use per person over the last 30 years, said Jeff Stephenson, water resources manager for the San Diego County Water Authority.

Sustainable Ramona Presents Water Conservation Zoom Series

Sustainable Ramona will kick off a series of free Zoom meetings on sustainability with a Water Conservation Resources series set for Sept. 20-24.

Future Zoom series will cover resources for homes and businesses; transportation, including electric vehicles and public transportation; agriculture, including information on farming using solar energy, called agrivoltaics; sustainable gardening, including composting and worm farming.

Lafco Presents Options for Ramona to Gain Local Control With a Community Services District

A proposal to transition Ramona from an unincorporated town run by the county into a community overseen by a Community Services District is being explored by the county’s Local Agency Formation Commission.

Priscilla Allen, a LAFCO analyst, introduced Ramona Community Planning Group members to the idea at the group’s Aug. 5 meeting. The plan is based on Ramona’s growing population and trend toward urbanization, Allen said.

The creation of a Community Services District is included in 14 recommendations being submitted by LAFCO staff to the San Diego LAFCO Commission.

Ramona Water District Moves to Improve Transparency and Community Relations

Ramona Municipal Water District directors agreed Tuesday, Feb. 9, to three changes that will make them and their meetings more accessible to the public, including moving their meeting times from afternoons to evenings and setting up email accounts on the district website.

Water District Approves Deal to Share Emergency Resources with the County

The Ramona area will continue to receive backup support from the county of San Diego during fire and medical emergencies with approval of a mutual aid agreement that brings the area nearly $2.5 million in benefits over roughly five years.

The Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors gave unanimous approval to the mutual aid agreement on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Director Jeff Lawler was absent.

Opinion: RMWD Investments in Natural Gas Benefit Ramona

The Ramona Municipal Water District has received some inquiries from concerned customers regarding the impact of the SDG&E power outages on RMWD’s water system during fire season and COVID.

As many of us in Ramona are aware, RMWD purchases 100 percent of our water from the San Diego County Water Authority and the water is pumped nearly 1,000 feet “up the hill” to Ramona. During the last several years, RMWD has made several important investments in natural gas technology and emergency generators to provide a second source of power for pumping, improve water reliability, reduce pumping costs and protect Ramona in emergencies.

RMWD Directors Approve Phase 4 of Untreated Water Plan

Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors agreed to help minimize customer costs associated with phasing out untreated water service as they unanimously approved Phase 4 of an Untreated Water System Implementation Plan on Tuesday, July 14.

Panelists Set to Explain Laws Limiting Water Consumption

Panelists from several water districts will give updates on new laws affecting water consumption in California during an American Liberty Forum of Ramona event set for Saturday, June 27.

The free forum on Water Regulations Today and Tomorrow will be held at Ramona Mainstage, 626 Main St. Doors open at 11 a.m. and a video program starts at 11:30 a.m.

The focus will be on Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668.

SB 606 is in response to mandates that California achieve a 20 percent reduction in urban per capita water use by Dec. 31, 2020. Existing law requires each urban retail water supplier to develop urban water use targets and an interim urban water use target.

AB 1668 would require the state Water Resources Control Board to adopt long-term standards for the efficient use of water and would establish specified standards for per capita daily indoor residential water use.

Cold Snap Sets Sub-Freezing Records in El Cajon, Ramona and Vista

A bone-chilling cold snap brought freezing temperatures across the San Diego area Wednesday, sending the mercury dipping as low as the 20s and high teens in part of the county.

A bone-chilling cold snap brought freezing temperatures across the San Diego area Wednesday, sending the mercury dipping as low as the 20s and high teens in part of the county.