Inspection Found 12 Flaws In Poway’s Water Delivery System

A state inspection found 12 flaws in Poway’s drinking water delivery system less than three months before the city’s precautionary boil water advisory.

City officials remain adamant that the issues raised by the inspection had nothing to do with the nearly week-long advisory that ended Dec. 6.

The September 2019 inspection, from the State Water Resources Control Board, raised a series of issues – some administrative. It says some of Poway’s distribution system reservoirs haven’t been cleaned or inspected in more than five years; that the city’s coagulant feed pump meter isn’t working, and that the city needs to update its water quality alarm systems for chlorine and clarity.

Poway Water Crisis Turning Into Political Football

The water in Poway is safe to drink — this after stormwater contaminated the city’s water supply forcing people to turn off their taps for a week. But now a political battle is brewing. “As elected officials, we need to step up and hold our colleagues accountable,” said Lakeside Water District Board Member Frank Hilliker. “The mishandling of the Poway contamination incident eroded the confidence of the public of all our water boards”. Board members from the Lakeside and Otay Water Districts laid the blame on Poway Mayor Steve Vaus during a news conference Tuesday.

Poway Awaits Word From State That Water Is Safe To Drink

Two days after county officials ordered the closure of all businesses serving food in Poway, nearly 200 restaurants and bars remained shuttered Monday, awaiting word from state officials that the water supply was safe and they could reopen.

Meanwhile, residents helped themselves to the 400,000 bottles of water made available by the city, and school officials tapped an outside vendor to feed the thousands of students returning from a holiday break.

City officials announced the possible contamination of Poway’s water supply on Saturday, which led to a boil-water advisory being issued Saturday night and orders from the county’s health department to close all restaurants and bars.

Boil-Water Advisory Issued for Poway Tap Water

A brownish tint in Poway city water has prompted officials to advise that all tap water in the city be boiled before using it.

Residents reported the discoloration on Friday, and an advisory was posted on the city’s website on Saturday. Residents also received phone calls and text messages warning about water usage.

Poway Man is Saving Money by Saving Rain

Bob Raibert loved the green grass growing in his Poway front yard when he bought his home four years ago. The affinity wore off when he got his first water bill.

“For two months it was $600,” he said. “The front yard was all grass; about 5,000 square feet of grass.”

Raipert did some research and spoke to experts.

He redid his entire front and backyard. The grass has been replaced with drought tolerant plants and artificial grass.