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Poway Might Reimburse Residents, Businesses for Week of Water Restrictions

The Poway City Council will vote Tuesday on whether to issue rebates on water bills to compensate residents and business for losses stemming from the contamination crisis late last year.

In late November, stormwater contaminated the city’s water supply and people were told not to drink water for nearly a week. Now the city is looking to reimburse residents and businesses for the interruption.

The city council will consider giving customers a one time credit that on average would be $28, depending on water usage.

Poway Water Crisis Turning Into Political Football

The water in Poway is safe to drink — this after stormwater contaminated the city’s water supply forcing people to turn off their taps for a week. But now a political battle is brewing. “As elected officials, we need to step up and hold our colleagues accountable,” said Lakeside Water District Board Member Frank Hilliker. “The mishandling of the Poway contamination incident eroded the confidence of the public of all our water boards”. Board members from the Lakeside and Otay Water Districts laid the blame on Poway Mayor Steve Vaus during a news conference Tuesday.

State Official: Faulty Reservoir System Contributed To Poway Water Contamination

The recent contamination of Poway’s water was caused in part by storm drain and reservoir connections that are not in compliance with state regulations, a state official told KPBS Wednesday.

The system was overwhelmed during last week’s rains and storm water flowed into a reservoir of treated water that was then piped into homes and businesses, according Sean Sterchi, the San Diego District Engineer for the state’s Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water.