Creating 700 Acres of New Marshland Across San Diego is Key to City’s New Climate Action Plan

The revised and more aggressive climate action plan San Diego adopted this month commits officials to creating 700 acres of marshland across the city, more than triple the 220 acres of new marshland Mayor Todd Gloria had previously promised in northeastern Mission Bay.

The revised climate action plan prioritizes new marsh areas — sometimes called wetlands — because they serve the dual purpose of removing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the air and fighting sea-level rise by acting as a coastal sponge.

Environmentalists Win Key Battle Over Mission Bay Park Redevelopment, Get $1.25M for Marshland Study

Local environmentalists won a key victory this week when the regional water board approved a $1.25 million study focused on transforming much of Mission Bay’s northeast corner into marshland, which could help San Diego fight sea level rise. Environmental groups have been in a years-long battle with golfers, campers and recreation advocates over the fate of northeast Mission Bay, which became available for redevelopment five years ago when a mobile home park closed