Tear Out Your Lawn, Get More Free Cash. LADWP Ups Rebates for Customers.

Los Angeles residents, now is a great time to pull out your lawn. With water supplies continuing to tighten, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday that the city’s Department of Water and Power will pay homeowners and businesses significantly more to remove their grassy turf. Approved applications will receive $5 per square foot, a 67% increase from the previous $3-per-square-foot incentive.

‘The American Lawn Feels Irresponsible’: the LA Homes Ditching Grass for Drought-Friendly Gardens

A lush green lawn has long been a symbol of the perfect American home. But as a prolonged drought reshapes life in California, many residents are rethinking what a beautiful yard should look like.

In Los Angeles, which imposed sweeping restrictions on outdoor water use this year, thirsty lawns are out – and California native plants are in.