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Forecast: San Diego County Population to Peak at 3.4m in 2042, but Then Drop Off

New estimates of San Diego County’s population show it peaking at 3.4 million in about 20 years, followed by a drop off.

The San Diego Association of Governments says the county will add 152,075 people by 2042, and then start dropping. It estimates the population will drop to 3.3 million by 2060, or pretty close to what it is right now, making it one of the slowest growing metro areas in the U.S.

Ramona Water District Board to Appoint New Member Before February

The Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors hopes to appoint a candidate early next year to fill a vacant Division 3 board seat for the next two years. The board is on a fast track to find a replacement for incumbent Director Thomas N. Ace, one of two candidates who was running for a four-year seat.