IID Board Appoints New Interim General Manager

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors appointed Assistant General Manager Sergio Quiroz to serve as Interim General Manager effective June 3.

According to a press release from Imperial Irrigation District, the Board’s decision was made following closed session discussions during the Tuesday, May 16 meeting, with directors present voting unanimously in support of the appointment.

IID Board Members Assigned to Various Regional Boards Despite Tensions

During Imperial Irrigation District Board meeting director comments, Norma Galindo commented from her remote distancing location, and started off memorializing recently passed, former IID General Manager, Kevin Kelley, then segued into a discourse about prayer.

“We talk about prayer, I don’t believe many do, or if they do, they pray for the wrong thing. I am troubled by the hypocrisy in our leadership when we talk about praying. We aren’t willing to talk with each other to resolve issues. It is a time to reflect, let bygones be bygones. I would hope Director Hamby would have the gumption to meet with me face to face to address issues. I know we can work together, and Director Hanks.”

IID Board to Seat Two New Faces, Current Board Members Look to the Future

The Imperial Irrigation District focuses on providing water and energy supply to Imperial County and some parts of Riverside and San Diego counties. Recent elections had two open seats for the IID Board of Directors — Divisions 2 and 4, which were filled by Bruce Kuhn and Erik Ortega respectively.

With the incumbents’ loss, the two open seats have been filled by JB Hamby for Division 2, and Javier Gonzalez for Division 4.

Despite the possible challenges ahead of having two new faces on the Board, IID’s website states their goal is to “protect the Imperial Valley’s water rights and energy balancing authority.”