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Backed-Up Storm Drain Caused Poway’s Water Contamination

Poway officials said Monday they believe backed-up storm drains caused the water contamination that led to the city’s first-ever boil water advisory over the weekend.

The county health department ordered the closing of all restaurants in the city and residents are being advised to boil their tap water before drinking it or using it for cooking, city officials said.

The recent rains caused the storm drains to back up into its water treatment facility, officials said. They added that crews are working around the clock to clean and flush the system, which may take two to five days before the water is declared safe.

Boil-Water Advisory Issued for Poway Tap Water

A brownish tint in Poway city water has prompted officials to advise that all tap water in the city be boiled before using it.

Residents reported the discoloration on Friday, and an advisory was posted on the city’s website on Saturday. Residents also received phone calls and text messages warning about water usage.