$20 Billion: the Delta Tunnel’s New Price Tag

California’s contentious and long-debated plan to replumb the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and pump more water south finally has a price tag: about $20 billion.

California Officials Say Delta Tunnel Project is Worth the Costs and Risks

State water officials say a controversial plan to build a tunnel to take water from the north end of California to its southern regions is worth the costs, risks and protests from environmental organizations.

Opinion: California’s Weather Was Made for Demagogues

California’s weather was made for demagogues.

For as long as records have been kept, the state has typically experienced a series of dry years followed by a series of wet years. The weather lines up conveniently with election cycles. A few years of drought will prompt an excitable politician to declare that projections clearly show the end of the world is upon us unless California takes immediate action.

Wildfire Weather is Increasing in California and Much of the U.S., Report Finds

Wildfire weather has become more frequent in the Western United States over the past five decades, with some of the largest jumps in California, according to a new report by Climate Central, a nonprofit news outlet that reports on climate change.

Lake Tahoe Expected to Fill for First Time in Years

Lake Tahoe is expected to fill up for the first time in five years, courtesy of recent and unusually wet winters. The lake last filled up in June 2019, but snowmelt should be sufficient to fill it this spring, according to a United States Department of Agriculture report released this month.

California’s Wild Weather Continues, With Snowiest Day of the Year Recorded in May

A rare late season storm dumped nearly 2 feet of snow on some regions of Northern California over the weekend, breaking at least one daily snowfall record.

California May Have to Release Water From Reservoirs

Alate season winter storm bringing up to 24 inches of snow to the Sierra Nevada mountains this weekend could prompt California water officials to release water from some of the state’s reservoirs for flood prevention.

Atmospheric Rivers in California’s Ancient Past Exceeded Modern Storms

Clarke Knight studies just how far back in history, massive atmospheric river storms wreaked havoc on California.

Data Reveals Big Milestones for California’s Wind, Water and Solar Power Production

Renewable energy sources are making up a growing portion of California’s power supply.

For the first time, wind, water and solar power combined are consistently meeting or surpassing 100% of the demand on the state’s grid for at least part of a day.

California Water Managers Advise Multipronged Approach in Face of Climate Change

State water management officials must work more closely with local agencies to properly prepare California for the effects of climate change, water scientists say.